Monday, October 22, 2012

day 44: Chestnuts (pre-open fire)

As I was walking down the sidewalk a couple of days ago, I cam across a section of sidewalk and street that was entirely covered with these fuzzy pods. They "squished" under my shoes, but had some sort of large seed on the inside. Not know what on earth they were, I grabbed a naturalist friend of mine and took her back with me. CHESTNUTS! These are exactly what one might "roast on an open fire" and are one of the two species of chestnuts in the Pacific Northwest. The spiky pods opened once they hit the ground and though these had nuts that were fairly small and malnourished (likely due to the dry summer and tree right on the street) usually edible chestnuts are quite large in diameter. How neat - I'm quite sure that I have never seen a chestnut tree before!

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