Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 30: Corner Sitter

This is a very common site on Portland's streets. There are so many resources for homeless people here that some will literally move across the country in order to be homeless here. Some homeless in Portland are so by choice and some due to mental illness or other factors out of their control.  Other citizens of Portland have really mixed views on this aspect of the culture.

I have never had a negative experience with anyone on the street. Sometimes they play, as this man is doing, in hope for "tips" - my favorite one was this very  nice man for whom I bought a sandwich. He was grateful for the sandwich and to show his appreciation, he proceeded to do his "stand up comedy" act. Though he was actually sitting down, there were parts that did make me chuckle. I appreciate those who try to DO something.  Otherwise, there are people with signs at many, if not most, intersections. I am really torn each time because I KNOW there are good resources and yet, I have trouble of conscience to simply drive past someone in need. I'm still working on how to manage this, as I would go broke if I gave to each who asked for it.

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